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This scarf is part of the cashmere beast group, I am introducing this season. I love leopard patterns and designed an entire group around this inspiration. I added my signature stripe to this scarf to make it quite unique. Made out of washed 100% Fibre Nobili cashmere, this piece feels totally luxurious and cosy. I designed an entire cashmere beast group: COHEN (cardigan jacket), CLYDE, CLAUDE (cardigans), COLE, CADEN (crew neck sweaters), CALYSTO, CASIM (scarves), CALLUM, CÉSAR (hats).

  • Light Grey-Dark Grey-Offwhite cashmere
  • Medium length scarf in cashmere beast design with Karim Guest signature stripe on one side of the scarf
  • 100% Fibre Nobili cashmere
  • Hand wash
  • Made in Germany